Reward Points Terms and Conditions

1 point = $1


Product cost in reward points:


Number of points displayed that are required to buy this item.


Actual retail price with two decimal places is rounded up to the nearest whole integer for cost of product in points.


Reward point allocation to online products are based on our decision and are subject to change.


Rewards points are not earned for products that are physically purchased in-store at our shop location at Upper Mount Gravatt, Queensland.


User Account:

Points earned are automatically added to points balance upon any purchased product upon successful checkout transaction and when the order status is complete.


Reward points balance can be viewed when logged into your account and can be found on the left menu under ‘Rewards’ url


Redeeming reward points:

Balance of earned points can be redeemed partially or full cost in points for a product or total products purchased.


When points accumulated in account, upon view cart or check out process an automatic extra input field will be shown to allow input of required points to be redeemed and above that field will also show the balance of rewards that can be redeemed.


Earned reward points are not redeemable against gift vouchers


Reward points can be used in conjunction with coupon or gift voucher in cart or checkout.


Reward points are not redeemable for cash or any electronic currency.



Shop Integrity Skin are not responsible for exiting or ongoing programming or code changes that might affect the allocation or subtraction of reward points from a user account.


We have to right to subtract reward points from a user account if a product or products are returned to us in the conditions set in our return policy.

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