ime Natural Perfume

Shop Integrity are elated to find a natural perfume for our store! Not only do these gorgeous perfumes smell phenomenal, there are plenty of gender neutral scents to choose from.  Our founder Claire has found herself addicted to Naughty and Elegance! A great way to choose your signature scents would be to try a collections pack including all 9 fragrances. The collections pack makes for a fab travel companion too!

– Apply ime natural scents with just one spray and waft through your next 4 hours smelling incredible.
– ime vials are small enough that you can take your favourite scent anywhere and give yourself a top-up whenever you need.
– These natural perfumes are gentle on your nose, developing over your day to highlight unique qualities of your natural scent.
– ime have a perfume for your every mood, whether flirty, driven, elegant or somewhere in between.
– ime perfumes are: irritation free – toxin free – cruelty free

ime are officially certified 100% Natural by the Natural Perfumers Guild (NPG), the only international organisation dedicated to 100% natural perfume. Their standards for certification are the highest in the world regarding the use of natural ingredients. The high standards of the Guild exceed the ISO 9235 requirement for aromatic natural raw materials. 

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